Handshake -A Dawn of Love…

          They did not know that this evening would be a start of an unbreakable attachment which would last forever and ever; a strong bond was going to take place after this incident. They were totally unaware of this, they actually never thought about it and thus it happened…

          It was a pleasant evening, He was all set to leave for Agra for a one week trip. Although before leaving, he thought of saying goodbye to his friends. I will repeat it again he thought of saying goodbye to his FRIENDS. So he moved on to their place. After having a Few minutes of giggling, talks and Masti. He finally thought of saying them Goodbye and leave for Agra.

(This is where the moment of affection begins)

          As he was saying goodbye to them, he shook his right hand with one of his friends and said her goodbye in a very normal, but in an exciting manner as he was very excited to visit Agra. Now it was time to say goodbye to the next person that was she. I will repeat again, they were just FRIENDS.

          As to say goodbye to her he steps ahead and extended his right hand towards her to grasp her hand, without wasting a single second she did the same. Both hands meet, not only the hand their eyes got connected to one another, he thought like her eyes are expressing something, her eyes were confessing  the secrets of the heart, they wanted to tell him something, which he was not able to understand. She was trying to hide her feeling, but she forgot that her eyes can speak a language which his heart was able to understand. Her eyes told what her heart wants, he can find the infinity that exists in her eyes. Her eyes were the windows of her soul, which gave him a clear vision of Love. It seemed like her heart was smiling through her eyes. As their eyes were stuck in each others, her eyes captivated him in and didn’t let him to move his eyes from her, and he wanted to know her from that moment. Their eye contact was more intimate than words could ever be.

          While feeling this wonderful moment, eyes stuck into each other, their hand gripped warmth, a feeling of love provoked between them. With a very gentle manner and with a very soft voice he said “Good Bye”. The tone of his voice was enough to let her know that he also has the same feeling as she had. In a very soft voice she replied him “Goodbye” with a very cute and sweet smile. He knew that he showed her something by his eyes, when he caught her smiling. He thought every battle all struggles in his life will be worth for this cute smile. It seemed like her eyes, her lips, and her soul all at once smiled at him and in her smile he saw something more beautiful than the stars. As she said goodbye, his heart skips a beat, neglecting her words he was engaged listening to her eyes. She was the soul that can speak with its eyes; her eyes were louder than words could ever be.

          Thousand of thoughts were flooding into his mind, he failed to remember that there were two more friends besides her waiting for his goodbye. Even after knowing this he didn’t leave her hand instead he used his other hand to greet them. Still holding her hand in his right hand, he greeted his two friends with his left hand. Actually, he wanted to leave her hand, but his Heart was not allowing him to do so, he wants to feel the moment very deeply. It was a very rare feel, he got in his heart. He was feeling like heaven holding her hand, and he doesn’t want to make it hell again by leaving it.

          Unfortunately, he had to leave her hand as he doesn’t want that other friends should even have a hint of the disaster occurred in their heart. Just because one of his friends has been her sister standing just next to her, she could be the reason of the disaster in their real life, she could be the full stop of a new love story, and she could be the end of the Dawn of love. Thinking about this in a very convincing manner he left her hand and again he said a goodbye to everyone with a wide smile on his face, but this time he did not have an eye contact with her just because he was knowing that this time he will not be able to get off his eyes from her so he turned around and started walking. Physically, he was walking, but mentally thousands of feeling flooded into his mind. He wanted to tell her that she was the best thing ever happened to him. The Love deep inside his heart crawls out from its hiding place. He wanted to be the reason of her smile, the reason of her ruined lip gloss, the reason for her happiness. It was not he who chooses her, but it was his heart that did. He never knew it was the beginning of the war, Easy to Begin hard to end. He was sure that she will be in his dreams tonight, but he was not sure if he would be able to sleep or not.

          This is how a friendship was set on fire. But he never knew that this fire would warm his heart or burn it down. But all his life battles of struggle were going to be worth this cute heart.

It wasn’t a love at first sight, it took a full two minutes. 🙂

You know you’re in love when you see the world in her eyes and her eyes everywhere in the world.


27 thoughts on “Handshake -A Dawn of Love…

        1. awww that was too beautiful…!!!
          i must say a lovely coincidence 🙂
          some what we share the same story with the tragedic end… 😦
          you last line
          “As you waved a bye you said the last words ‘see you’ ,Only to leave me alone, Without knowing it’s our last day together.” 😭

          Liked by 1 person

  1. anikaahuja1

    So fascinatingly you had describe the 2 minutes of the dawn of your love…
    Worth reading, i loved it specially the Phrase
    Her eyes can speak a language which his heart was able to understand. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Annie Gupta

    The Lord is definitely creative & all wonderful things are in His timing. Your love story is a perfect example of this. To be honest I totally just stumbled across this but this is the cutest story I have ever read! I love how God can give you such an amazing story
    Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are really good with these sweet love words it feels. You may yourself be the other Rahul. Hah!

    This is a pretty feel good read! And I have finally got something better prepared in 2 minutes than a Maggi – A love story!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely….. very beautifully expressed…. Love is wishing you could stop time when you are together !!! The mere presence of each other creates butterflies in stomach, a beautiful sensation, fast heart beats, smile on face, sparkle in eyes and everything joyful around!!

    Liked by 1 person

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