Wait wait and wait…

          Waiting is something that is hated by everyone; nobody wants to wait for someone if once they had fixed timing for meeting up. But what if you promise someone to meet at a particular time and when the times come you either gets too busy in your work or you forget that you had promised someone to meet. Even after all this after completing your work you reach at the place where you were supposed to meet the other person. When you reach there, what you see is the other person is still sitting there waiting for you even after 2-3 hours. What would you say it??? Love???

          No matter even if she used to be late, he used to love waiting for her. No matter how much time he had to wait, no matter how far the place is, he just used to wait for her. It was not like he loved waiting, he also used to hate waiting, but if waiting means being able to be with her, he was ready to wait for as long as forever to be with her.

          When she was in college, he used to wait near her college to bunk. When she was working, he used to wait early in the morning at her place to drop her safely to her work, He used to wait late night at her workplace to drop her safely to her house. He used to wait for hours just to meet her and spend some time together. Waiting for her, became his habit, a habit that he inculcated in him.

          He used to fill the time which he used to wait just by thinking about her like what she would be wearing, how was her day will she be very tired, will she be able to spend some time together or directly she wants to get back to her house, will she have some junky street food, will she have a burger or pizza thinking about all this stuff he used to spend his time.

He knew that anything worth having is worth waiting for…

Before, waiting to spend time together
Now, waiting to forget thing forever…

– Vinayak Gupta

18 thoughts on “Wait wait and wait…

  1. Love teaches u to be patient.. it is a wonderful feeling when being in love.. but when you don’t get it and the thought of love does not exist is bad.. that LOVE made u learn to be what you are.. so remember only the beautiful part of it.. let go the bad and smile..

    and yes smiling is always better than explaining others the reason for your sadness.

    God bless u…

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