Vice Versa – The Inverse feeling…

          Dishonesty, Rudeness, Cheating, Lying, Domineering, Abusing, Temperamental these are some of the Personality traits that is being hated by everyone because no one wants that someone should Cheat, Lie or be Dishonest to them and if someone does these things, you would start hating them. If they are dishonest to you, you won’t be honest to them either or you would keep a distance with them. If someone lies you won’t believe their words again because One lie is enough to question all truths. If they Cheat on you, you won’t trust them again, you will start Hating them Am I right???

          But what if I say someone is being hated because of his honesty, his faithfulness, his caring attitude, because he is genuine, he sticks to one, he don’t jump relationships, he cares too much, he loves to much. In spite of being loved he was hated. Hated for loving!

She had many reasons to love him but she didn’t…

          One the other hand, she lied to him, she betrayed him, she cheated him, she left him alone, she broke his heart but then to he loved her with every broken piece. He knew he really loved her when he was not able to hate her for breaking his heart.

He had many reasons to hate, but he couldn’t…

If you cheat on someone, that is actually willing to do anything for you, you actually cheated yourself out of true loyalty.

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