Take Care – An Awful whisper

          They promise to be together the rest of the life and being a helping hand for each other. He promised her to care of her in any situation of life. No matter what life throws on them, he promised to be there for her protect her defend her from this cruel world.He would narrate funny stories when she was sad. He would cuddle her when she feels cold. If she wants to bitch he would listen to her and bitch with her. He would sing to her when boredom used to strike her. He promised her to keep her heart safe in his arms.

          He never wanted to leave her hand because he was used to the grip of her hand. The warmth of the grip was something precious to him. While Holding her hand he used to think for just a moment, the two of us won’t have to face the world alone. He promised to take care of her each and every day until the end of infinity.

On the day of separation

          One final day they met again, but this was their last meet. He knew he won’t be able to face this situation so he decided to stay quite. She neither said anything, The silence was a poison to them, for in that void of sound the shallowness of their conversation was laid bare. Silence hung in the air like the suspended moment before a falling glass shatters on the ground.

          Today he was able to see love in her eyes but the weird thing was it wasn’t for him. He couldn’t see any feeling of regret in her. Something suspicious was captured in her eyes. Silence gnawed at her insides. His silence was like a gaping void, needing to be filled with sounds, words, anything. A beating heart being ripped from his chest. One second beating, the next silent and still.

          He understood what would happen next, he wanted to hold her hand and ask “You are mine na ?” but he couldn’t do so because he could hear her soul speaking many things without words. Deep inside his soul was yelling “I want you with me please don’t go”

          He knew he need to let her go, but he was not able too, because he was waiting for the impossible to happen. Respecting her decision he let her go away from him saying her goodbye and He awfully whispered Take Care.

          As she walks away, he knew their relation would never be the same again. His heart could understand her silence. The words started flashing through his mind. It’s hard to say what his first reaction was I guess he was a combination of sadness anger and confusion. She was leaving him was the only thought crossed his mind. As time passed he gradually accepted it, but there was always a little voice in the back of his mind that wanted to scream, ”don’t go, please don’t leave”.

          I asked God and the Universe (or whatever else was listening)…why? Why do this to me? Why put me through something so pointlessly painful. Why bring her into my life in such a fates-collide kind of way, only to not let her stay?

          I don’t know the answer to that question.  I wish I did. I wish it would reveal itself to me. Because even now two years later, the thought of her makes me want to cry. No matter what I’ve done to try and move past it the last year, to put her behind me and except that it wasn’t meant to be, she’s still always with me.

Memories Stays, People Dont !

22 thoughts on “Take Care – An Awful whisper

    1. All their friends knew about their relation but till now its been 2 year they never knew why they fell apart!!!
      Omly They both know reason behind their separation 🙂
      it something that cannot be said publicly… #respectwomen 🙂

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  1. I’m sure true love is out there somewhere waiting for you. First love is very sweet, but just a chance to try our wings. You will learn from loss, especially as an “overthinker”. The heart is deepened by loss. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Anna you are right i Learnt many things from the Loss, on the other hand now whenever some unfortunate thing happens to me i start searching for the Lesson i learnt from it. 🙂
      Thanxzz for the Motivation and stay Blessed 🙂 ❤

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