Best Birthday Surprise…

                 Hey, I hope you all re doing Fine. Actually i had a very Long Break from my Blog and finally am back here to my Family. Thanks to everyone who Used to support me when i was just a Beginner, thanks to correct me when i used to Mess up my words. *till now i do the same :D*So yesterday was my Born day and I completed my 22 Year. but there was something more special about yesterday that was i Just Completed my 10K Followers on my Instagram, it’s just like a dream came true. there was a time when i used to Dream of this number.

For other  My Rhymed Feelings  is Just a page But for me it a new Identity, Because of this page I Got new Identity . For me This page is an Escape from this Real world.

A worlds were if a Person says Something People start Judging him and when the same Person starts writing the same thing Unknowingly they stat following Him. yeah you head it right. None of my Real life friend knows about this page neither of this Blog for them I am still a Useless Fellow.*sigh*

Any ways Neglecting all this Things i would like to thank each and every person of my Blogging family to encourage me and which indirectly helped me to bring out the best Version of Myself  *Work in Process*

Thanxz for all the support and Blessing keep supporting me. Have a Blessed Life ahead and from now you will see me Posting Regulatory and i hope you all will like it ❤

Thanks for the Love and Care you always Show,
Thanks for the Support which helped me Grow,
Thanks for making me Smile when I Felt Low,
Critics Thanks For Breaking me and Help Me Glow!

– Vinayak Gupta

Do show your Support here too… ⇓⇓⇓

My Rhymed Feelings 


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