Kaabil – A Short story …

          Somewhere in this world full of chaos, but breathtakingly beautiful there used to be my own Ravishing, delightful and beauteous world. A world of two, A beautiful me and a beautiful you. Days used to start by thanking God for the presence of such a beautiful soul in my barren world and the splendid flashback of adorable moments at the night gave a beautiful end to my day.

          We used to live in our own world, a world of Love, Caring, Affection and lots of Cuddle. Never thinking about others, overjoyed in our self.  She was like“Log humare baare me kya sochte hai, agar ye bhi hum hi sochenge to phir log kya sochenge”( What people think about us, If we only think what people will think, then what people will think) .

          It seemed like “Real Life main bhi Do Negatives Positive ban-ne ja rahe the” (In real life, two Negatives are going to be Positive). We used to plan for our future, a bright beautiful future. Hand in hand we decided to be the supporting hand of each other for the rest of our life. It was like heaven whenever we used to spend our time together. I promised her i will never leave her hand in any circumstance.

          As everything fades through time, so does the love. She started thinking that we are living in a Paracosm (an imaginary world), the real world is totally different from their world. But the more she started knowing the world the more she got into the trap of Life. She started losing faith in me, she started finding me incapable of living in the real word and never did she know that I was the one who kept her away from this fake, false and cruel world, just because I never wanted her to get in this Trap and then the Maturity stole the innocence from her.

And one fine day she left, she left me…

          She sacrificed her love, she sacrificed me for her Dreams which she thought I am incapable off. Her dream was to get each and everything she point on. She wanted to be rich, so that she could full fill her needs and she didn’t find me worth it.
Breaking my heart wasn’t the only thing she did, she shattered my dreams and destroyed my world.

Akela toh kabhi raha hi nahi par akelapan kya hota hai mujhe tab pata chala.
(I was never alone, but then I realized what loneliness is )

Roshni toh kabhi thi hi nahi par andhera kya hota hai tab pata chala.
(I experienced the darkness in my life )

          She made me feel worthless, unloved, unwanted. I can’t even express in a simple word how worthless you made me feel. Because of that because of all the pain you’re putting me through; I am going to make it my personal goal to try to make sure that no one feels I am worthless. Her dreams seem to be much bigger in front our love. She would never mind sacrificing the love to fulfill her dreams, she did the same and she left. She never thought that she herself was a dream to me.

          My Soul mate she has been murdered, her dreams, her ego, her situation they killed her. She is not in this world anymore; her soul has been preserved in heaven. I can now just feel her presence, I can only memorize her smile, I can only memorize our love, the love we used to share, the way she used to care. The smell of her hair, the taste of her lips, the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside me or into the air all around me. The wind has become my friend it brings me the smell of her hair.

          Yes her heartless body is still alive but her soul has been preserved in the heaven, the one which is present here is just a heartless body who never care about the one who was just here to be with her, to love her. Now she is just a lifeless soul who just thinks about herself and her dreams she never thought of my dream, she never thought even once that she was my Dream.

One day your heartless body will also think

Soulmate tu sun rahi hai na,
Pata nahi kaise hath choot gaya…

60 thoughts on “Kaabil – A Short story …

  1. Divya Rajput

    Yrrr such a beautiful and heart touching story…….same is happening with me now….i can understand what it feels…the pain , the lonliness and a silent lyf…….bt kehte hai na jo hota hai ache ke liye hote hai……god is with everyone……

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  2. Annie Gupta

    After reading the whole story I found a suitable word for your story “PAIN”
    Sometimes pain is so unmanageable that the idea of spending another day with it seems impossible. Pain can only help you find happiness if you remember it. People walk away easily but they leave their memories with us forever.
    Never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours. 🙂

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    1. I appreciate for describing my story with a word “PAIN”, but its not just pain . Because even today when i remember the movements of joy we used to spend.
      It doesn’t hurt me, it brings a smile on my face,but the pain starts when i realize that feeling of love can never evolve in me again…

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  3. Hey Vinayak, first of all thanks a lot for reading my blog. I read your article too. Extremely well written. Just remember one thing. Lead life your own way. Don’t be too dependent on others. And never think anything negative about the person you love. That harms the emotions you had about her. Just think that the time was not right, and much better things are waiting for you in the near future. Keep reading and appreciating my post. Kudos

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  4. anikaahuja1

    I really loved the way you penned down your story, the way you narrated the story could eat ones heart out. You do have a genuine heart. I could feel that when I read your story. Yes, You are in pain right now, but trust me time will heal the wound and You will be happy again with someone else.

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      1. multitudeofmythoughts

        I do understand that pain does not vanish and with time we eventually learn to live with the pain and that is how life goes on.However if we don’t find means to stay happy,then we are not living but waiting for our death.
        Sorry for sounding so dark.


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  6. multitudeofmythoughts

    Have no words coz I know my words won’t console you,dear.You have penned down your feelings in such a way that I am speechless.


  7. Separation pain is wrapped with many unspoken words…You carved your story well.!! But Vinayak , many are standing in the same queue
    .. The only point is : After some time, you’ll be used to it. Expectations becomes the reason behind so.* Start living rather than expecting*!!! Cool vinayak✌

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