Best Birthday Surprise…

                 Hey, I hope you all re doing Fine. Actually i had a very Long Break from my Blog and finally am back here to my Family. Thanks to everyone who Used to support me when i was just a Beginner, thanks to correct me when i used to Mess up my words. *till now i do the same :D*So yesterday was my Born day and I completed my 22 Year. but there was something more special about yesterday that was i Just Completed my 10K Followers on my Instagram, it’s just like a dream came true. there was a time when i used to Dream of this number.
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A Stranger – Women’s Day Special

          This fine morning my cell phone vibrates me awake. My eyes open  and I ensure that they must stay open. I have slept far too long.

          Grabbing my cell phone from the bedside table, I started having a glance of my social networks. All my TL was flooded with the posts of Women’s Day. So i was in a strong urge to write something Inspirational, Dedicating it to all the women’s .

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Vice Versa – The Inverse feeling…

          Dishonesty, Rudeness, Cheating, Lying, Domineering, Abusing, Temperamental these are some of the Personality traits that is being hated by everyone because no one wants that someone should Cheat, Lie or be Dishonest to them and if someone does these things, you would start hating them. If they are dishonest to you, you won’t be honest to them either or you would keep a distance with them. If someone lies you won’t believe their words again because One lie is enough to question all truths. If they Cheat on you, you won’t trust them again, you will start Hating them Am I right???
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An Incomplete Book

          Everyone has a story and every story has a happy ending, but not every story has an end, some are left incomplete. This story was also left incomplete, it was left incomplete because, she was not able to understand and he was not able to explain. They never knew that they are walking on an incomplete road which was under construction and soon their journey would come to an end and their story would remain incomplete

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Wait wait and wait…

          Waiting is something that is hated by everyone; nobody wants to wait for someone if once they had fixed timing for meeting up. But what if you promise someone to meet at a particular time and when the times come you either gets too busy in your work or you forget that you had promised someone to meet. Even after all this after completing your work you reach at the place where you were supposed to meet the other person. When you reach there, what you see is the other person is still sitting there waiting for you even after 2-3 hours. What would you say it??? Love???

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Handshake -A Dawn of Love…

          They did not know that this evening would be a start of an unbreakable attachment which would last forever and ever; a strong bond was going to take place after this incident. They were totally unaware of this, they actually never thought about it and thus it happened… Continue reading “Handshake -A Dawn of Love…”

Kaabil – A Short story …

          Somewhere in this world full of chaos, but breathtakingly beautiful there used to be my own Ravishing, delightful and beauteous world. A world of two, A beautiful me and a beautiful you. Days used to start by thanking God for the presence of such a beautiful soul in my barren world and the splendid flashback of adorable moments at the night gave a beautiful end to my day. Continue reading “Kaabil – A Short story …”