10 thoughts on “The Last Letter…

  1. Annie Gupta

    Never give up on true love !
    If you really wanted to give up you would have send this letter to her instead of just hoping that she could read it…
    Your letter says you Gave up,but your feeling says something else… 🙂

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    1. The reason i had not sent it to her is because she would never understand my words unless i will prove it and you know action speaks louder than words so its time for taking an action and the other reason is
      I had never hurted her intentionally thats y i dont wanna let her know coz i know she would be hurted not now but in future and i dont want to be the reason for that 🙂

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      1. Annie Gupta

        This proves you still care!!!
        My Friend I Respect your thinking of not being the reason of her Heartache…
        Lord will greet You with lots of love 🙂


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